Þórsmörk Wanders

Þórsmörk Wanders

Spend the day wandering the trails of Þórsmörk surrounded by volcanoes and glaciers

Hop on the 4x4 River Bus to Þórsmörk and enjoy stunning views from the best hiking trails in Iceland. Grab a picnic lunch to enjoy out on the trails and have a refreshing drink at the Volcano Huts before you board the Þórsmörk River Bus back.

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Þórsmörk Wanders

Enjoy beautiful views in Þórsmörk

Bus between Reykjavík, Hvolsvöllur, Seljalandsfoss and Þórsmörk


Þórsmörk Wanders

Tour overview

Hop on the modified 4x4 Mountain Bus and spend the day wandering the Volcano Trails of Þórsmörk. On our way up the famous F249 mountain road to Þórsmörk Nature Reserve, we cross many glacial streams and rivers and make a scenic stop to view the site where the world-famous 2010 Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic Eruption occurred. This stop offers a dramatic look into this colossal event which caused disruptions to flight schedules on a global scale.

Shortly after crossing the Krossá River, we arrive at the Volcano Huts where we are greeted by a Volcano Trails Guide for a short introduction of the trails in the area.

After the introduction, you are free to head out on your own for a walk along the trails of Þórsmörk. Our guide is happy to help you plan the best-suited trails for you in keeping with the time you have before taking the bus back.

Þórsmörk has some of the best hiking trails in Iceland and once you are out on the trails, you will enjoy the beautiful panoramic scenery of the surrounding glaciers, mountains, valleys and riverbeds. Just make sure to look up from the trail and soak it all in.

Back at the Volcano Huts you can sit down and have a refreshing drink and a meal before heading back with the 4x4 River Bus in the afternoon or evening. A small shop with souvenirs and memorabilia is available at the Volcano Huts for those wanting to commemorate their day in Þórsmörk.

Depending on the time of year, you will have a few daily departures to choose from to get back with the bus. Departure times are visible in the booking form as you book your dates.

If you would like to have more time in Þórsmörk then we would recommend our Þórsmörk Wanders Basecamp edition of this tour or if you would like a private guided day-tour including a Superjeep tour then please view our F249 Þórsmörk Safari tour.



  • 4x4 River Bus to and from Þórsmörk
  • Trail introduction on location


  • Hiking in Þórsmörk Nature Reserve
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
  • Eyjafjallajökull Volcano & Glacier
  • Þórsmörk Nature Reserve
  • 4x4 River Crossing
Hiking Iceland
Hiking in Þórsmörk Iceland
Þórsmörk Iceland
Krossá Þórsmörk
Þórsmörk Iceland
Þórsmörk Iceland
Þórsmörk Iceland
Þórsmörk Hiking
Hiking Iceland Þórsmörk
Þórsmörk Iceland
Hiking Iceland Þórsmörk
Hiking Iceland Þórsmörk
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