All you need to know about our Volcano Rovers

Here you will find information on the different types of cars we offer and some tips for you to find the best fit for your 4x4 adventure in Iceland.

A brief history of our Volcano Rovers

Built and maintained by local pioneers and 4x4 experts

The Land Rover Defender is an icon and is widely considered the king of the trails. Its history spans more than 65 years and no other 4x4 vehicle has had the same global reach and cultural influence as the Defender. Our Defenders were modified by adventure pioneers in the 4x4 scene here in Iceland. We believed that the Land Rover Defender could be modified to a higher degree than had been done before. The car should be able to perform in any conditions that the Icelandic nature would throw at it, while at the same time, it should hold its characteristics and iconic features. Designing and rebuilding a fleet of Defenders was no easy task but with persistence, we ultimately found the best solutions to modify the cars by building on and enhancing its already superior 4x4 capabilities. Although production of the original Defender has been stopped and a new and modern version has been released, we stay true to the roots and will continue to offer 4x4 tours and rentals in classic Land Rover Defenders for years to come.

Land Rover Defender

An icon on the road, prowler on the trails

The Land Rover Defender is the preferred choice for most leisure tours and 4x4 driving in Iceland. All our Defenders have a manual 6 gear transmission and are fitted on 31" - 32" tyres which are slightly larger and wider than the original Defender tyres. This gives you more traction, a smoother ride and more stability on the road. Each vehicle comes with a shovel, a pulling rope, jack and tire iron in an onboard tool bag.

The Defenders come with one of two seating arrangements either with 5 seats (2+3) or with 7 seats (2+3+2) in which case two extra seats have been mounted in the back of the car. Keep in mind that a 7 seat arrangement affects the amount of luggage you can carry. Most of our Defenders are white but in some instances, the car we have available might be of another colour than what is indicated in the booking form. All the cars are F-road approved and you can drive them on any trail that is open for traffic. The snorkel allows the car to be driven across rivers but do keep in mind varying conditions each time you cross a river. The Defender has a lot of torque and handles well on both tarmac and gravel. A Defender should never be driven at excessive speeds and keep in mind that the maximum speed limit in Iceland is 90 km/hour or less. This Defender has a 2,2L Puma engine which consumes around 12 - 18 L of Diesel/100km, depending on terrain and conditions. You can easily add a roof rack, a luggage trailer, jerry cans and other accessories to your rental, allowing you to carry more equipment and reach further on your journey.

Land Rover Super Defender

No limits

The Land Rover Super Defender is built especially for Icelandic conditions. The Super Defender comes in handy when you need higher road clearance and more traction. It is more expensive to rent and consumes more fuel than the standard Defender. All our Super Defenders have a 2,4 L Puma engine and a manual 6 gear transmission. With 37" tyres, the Land Rover Super Defender is an unstoppable 4x4 machine that can traverse any kind of terrain. The large tyres, on-board air compressor, auxiliary headlamps, along with the snorkel and the inbuilt VHF radio, allow this vehicle to be driven in otherwise impassable conditions. By deflating the tyres, the Land Rover Super Defender has more grip and flotation, enabling this vehicle to be driven through deep snow. The modification to big tyres adds stability, as the center of gravity is proportionately lower than that of the original Defender. All our Super Defenders have a 7 seat arrangement (2+3+2) with two extra seats mounted in the back of the car which may affect the amount of luggage you can fit on board. Roof racks, modified trailers with 35" tyres, jerry cans and other accessories, can easily be added to your rental, allowing you to carry more equipment and reach further on your journey.

Toyota Land Cruiser 76

Legend on the move

The Toyota Land Cruiser, 70 series, has earned its leadership status for its exceptional 4WD performance, versatility and dependability. The Land Cruiser 76 with its rugged features and classic design is ideal for Icelandic conditions all year round. With a V6 engine and plenty of torque, it is perfect for navigating winding tracks and versatile terrain. 

This Land Cruiser is fitted with a snorkel and 31" tires, offering enhanced 4x4 capabilities, improved road stability and a smoother ride along the country roads and highland tracks. Each vehicle also comes with a shovel, pulling rope, jack and tire iron in an on-board tool bag. You can easily add, jerry cans, GPS device, onboard WiFi and other accessories to your rental.

The vehicle comes with a roof top tent for 3 persons (two adults and one child) cutlery set, gas stove, cooler, camping chairs and table so it is ready for your camping experience, the seating arrangement is 2+3.