The Laugavegur Bus Tickets will get you to and from the trail with ease

Here, you can book tickets on the bus to Landmannalaugar to start your trek across the Laugavegur trail and back again from the end of the trail in Þórsmörk or Skógar.

  1. Start by booking a one-way ticket to Landmannalaugar when you wish to start your trek.
  2. Book another one-way ticket from Þórsmörk or Skógar on the date you plan to finish the trek.

For any changes, call the bus company directly using the phone number on your ticket.

1. Bus to Landmannalaugar


2. Bus from Þórsmörk


3. Bus from Skógar

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Baggage transfer

For travellers that end their hiking trail in Þórsmörk or Landmannalaugar, we offer baggage transfer for a small fee. You can choose between three different areas within Þórsmörk: Húsadalur (Volcano Huts), Langidalur or Básar. You can add baggage as an extra when you book the Highland Pass (the second step of the booking process). The bags are dropped off at BSI Bus station in Reykjavík.

The baggage transfer is limited to a backpack, box, or a cabin size bag plus a sleeping bag (Maximum luggage size excluding the sleeping bag: 55x40x20 cm, maximum weight: 10 kg). Please make sure that items are in a waterproof bag and are properly labeled. 

Please note that depending on the delivery location the baggage might be placed in an unattended room or a trailer until picked up. We do not assume no responsibility for baggage after it is dropped off, but in the Icelandic highlands, this shouldn’t really be a problem.

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How many bags can I take with me?

There is no additional cost for taking your luggage with you on the bus.